Corporate Philosophy

Focusing on fish and rice, we continue to contribute to health and take on new challenges in food.

Corporate Policy

We deliver excitement, satisfaction, and happiness to our customers through “food”.
Through fish and rice, we look at Japanese food culture and contribute to society with genuine deliciousness.


Interest in “food” is growing by the day as people become more concerned about the safety & security of food ingredients, dietary education, and health consciousness. This can be said to be the arrival of an era in which we should take a closer look at the food culture we Japanese have long cherished, such as fish and rice.

At the same time, people’s needs for food are no longer satisfied with simply eating food. In response to such changes in the society and food, Nippan is developing business models to exceed customers’ needs and provide services to impress them, while sticking to the basic Japanese foodstuffs of fish and rice.

“Uogashi Nippon Ichi,” a new sushi restaurant that has broken out of its shell and taken Tokyoites by surprise.
“Aoyuzu,” which serves fish and rice with a free-flowing concept.
“AOYUZU” is a new concept that pushes that innovative idea even further.
“AOYUZU Tora” is a fish market cuisine restaurant featuring the “iki-ness” of the Edo period.

We have also begun the challenge of opening new restaurants in the Kansai region to promote the “Uogashi Nippon Ichi” brand, which has gained recognition in central Tokyo, in the Kansai area.

As a company providing products and developing new business models, we will continue to develop reliable business strategies that anticipate customer needs and stay ahead of the times. And we will continue to push forward as a company that contributes to all those who share our vision of Nippan. At the same time, we will continue to be a challenger in the food service industry, always pursuing the “next”.

We look forward to your continued support.