Privacy policy

Nippan recognizes all “information” obtained through the company’s activities is an important asset, deemed as important management issue, and strives to establish and maintain an information security management system.

Information security management system

Nippan, complying with relevant laws and regulations on information security, establishes an information security management system.

Internal security management rules

Nippan builds an internal security rules that monitor compliance of information securities policys and ensure that all employees are complied.

Establishment and Enhancement of Governance for Information Security.

We will establish a system to monitor on a regular basis whether compliance with information security policies, regulations, and rules is being implemented, and ensure employee adherence.

Realization of an information security countermeasure system

Nippan implements information system control measures to prevent unauthorized access, information falsification, data loss, destruction, etc.

Information Security Education

Nippan continually conducts training to their directors and employess to deepen the understanding of information security.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Nippan’s directors and employees are all comply with laws and other norms.

Accident prevention and response

Nippan strives to prevent information security incidents. In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, we take appropriate measures and implement preventive measures.