Nippan Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to delivering excitement, satisfaction, and happiness to our customers through the culture of food as our greatest joy. At the same time, we have conducted our business keeping in mind that our employees are happy to work at Nippan and that we bring joy to everyone involved with Nippan. To this end, we emphasize the importance of human resource development and product development. It is our commitment to “Nanatate” and the sincerity of our workers.

We can only bring joy to as many people as our products and services are well balanced. The starting point for us to deliver excitement to our customers was the sushi business we started in 1989. We wondered how we could offer sushi, which used to be expensive, to more customers at a lower price. The answer was to try our groundbreaking business model of tachiguiri sushi restaurants. The stand-up dining business was a great hit with many customers who enjoyed the excitement of being able to taste fresh ingredients at a reasonable price. It has grown to become a symbol of our company. This was supported by our procurement system that obtained fresh ingredients at Tsukiji, the center of the market distribution system. This uniqueness, which cannot be imitated by other food service companies, is an important concept in Nippan’s restaurant development. To bring joy to many people, we must provide a good menu with good service. We must think of new flavors filled with ingenuity every day and deliver them to our customers with sincerity and heartfelt service.

We are now making daily efforts to achieve this goal through “food” in seven different business categories. We will continue to make endless progress while developing new business categories that match the needs of the times. What we are aiming for is the excitement, satisfaction, and happiness of our customers. We will move forward without hesitation.

Managing Director (External) Tabuchi Michiyuki